Electronics 1: Chapter 3 figs

Alan Robert Clark

April 19, 2022

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Figure 1: The iv characteristic of the Ideal Diode
Figure 2: The symbol, and the circuit characteristics
Figure 3: HalfWaveRectifier
Figure 4: Simple Diode based AND gate logic.
Figure 5: “Tank” circuit, used in RF tuners. The Cap is usually
Figure 6: A simple model of a Zener Diode.
Figure 7: A Half Wave Rectifier
Figure 8: Full-wave, centre tapped
Figure 9: A Single-ended Bridge rectifier.
Figure 10: Dual-ended Bridge supply.
Figure 11: A simple Peak Rectifier
Figure 12: The Use of three-terminal fixed POSITIVE regulators.
Figure 13: An adjustable three-terminal regulator.
Figure 14: Higher Current capabilities
Figure 15: Higher Voltage capabilities
Figure 16: Current Sources
Figure 17: Using a Zener as a Voltage Regulator
Figure 18: Basic Limiter circuit
Figure 19: A Voltage Doubling Circuit

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