Electronics 1: Chapter 2 figs

Alan Robert Clark

April 19, 2022

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Figure 1: The Comparator
Figure 2: Positive Feedback causes state-dependant thresholds
Figure 3: An Inverter
Figure 4: The AND Gate
Figure 5: The OR Gate
Figure 6: The NAND Gate
Figure 7: The NOR Gate.
Figure 8: The XOR Gate
Figure 9: A Half Adder
Figure 10: A Full Adder
Figure 11: 3 Bit Adder!
Figure 12: Simplest decoder to select between two 4-byte memories
Figure 13: Timing Hazard.
Figure 14: The RS (Reset-Set) Flip Flop
Figure 15: A Nand-based RS Flip Flop.
Figure 16: An RS Flip Flop used in debouncing
Figure 17: A Clocked RS Flip Flop
Figure 18: NAND gate D Latch
Figure 19: A neg Edge Triggered Master-Slave Flip Flop

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