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Alan Robert Clark

April 18, 2022

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Figure 1: Getting a Field quantity from a Source quantity, via a Potential
Figure 2: Fields from current carrying wires
Figure 3: “Ideal” Dipole segment with Uniform current Distribution
Figure 4: Retarded Potentials from an ideal dipole
Figure 5: A “short” dipole with triangular current distribution.
Figure 6: A Short Monopole with triangular current distribution.
Figure 7: Using a “Loading Coil” to resonate a small dipole.
Figure 8: Sinusoidal distribution on a dipole.
Figure 9: Current density penetration limited to the skin depth.
Figure 10: The Bazooka or Sleeve balun.
Figure 11: A HalfWave 4:1 transformer balun.
Figure 12: Transmission-line transformer.
Figure 13: L-Match network.
Figure 14: Modifying the feed geometry to afford a match.

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