Chapter 3 figs ELEN4001

Alan Robert Clark

April 18, 2022

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Figure 1: Two Isotropic point sources, separated by d
Figure 2: Two sources separated by λ/2
Figure 3: Pattern Multiplication.
Figure 4: Binomial array pattern
Figure 5: Binomial Pascal buildup
Figure 6: Uniform linear array of isotropic sources.
Figure 7: Uniform Isotropic Broadside array
Figure 8: Uniform Isotropic Endfire Array, Rightwards
Figure 9: Uniform Isotropic Endfire Array, Leftwards
Figure 10: Uniform Isotropic Endfire Array, Ambiguity.
Figure 11: Array pattern of 2 isometric sources 10λ apart, and the element pattern.
Figure 12: Two in-phase dipoles 10λ apart.
Figure 13: Power Splitter followed by phase modification.
Figure 14: Binary phase shifter, based on transmission line segments.
Figure 15: A Corporate feed network—equal amplitude and phase.

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