27 October 2004---A spot of Hail...

27 October 2004---A spot of Hail...

It was the usual stuff: 5--10mm, and we heard it coming for miles on the tin roofs of the neighbourhood. It settled in, made a lovely white carpet, and obligingly left. Wonderful stuff. Then *thunk*, then *thunk-thunk*, then... as all hell broke loose, with 20--25mm jobs (1 inch) --- it **FLATTENED** the garden. Note that the ``green'' under the trees is not grass, its the leaves on top of the hail!

Note the streaks above the trampoline, its the

My poor brand-new GreenHouse: it sustained
several little non-life-threatening punctures!!

The new truck! Lessons, lessons...

Down the Chimbley

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