Simple Photo Album Volume One: 3 September 2001---2 May 2005

Simple Photo Album Volume One: 3 September 2001---2 May 2005

OK, so this is getting out of hand. Never dreamed I would fill up a CD!!! Since that format is still going to be with us for a while, I have split the Collection at the 650MB boundary! That happens to be 2 May 2005, our Home Group camp to Meiringskloof. So we begin Volume Two thereafter :-) and Oh! Boy! have things moved on! Photo2 ended a 200608 (658M) and decided that a DVD-sized chop would be preferable!! hence: Volume Three is bigger...

Back to the original:

This is an attempt to provide an html interface to my digital camera pics. (My pics, Wits' camera :-) :-) The sheer volume of pics means some convention must be adopted, so they are usually grouped by date. Some ``best-of'' and theme pages exist, but these will be added with time. In the meanwhile, the date-based (raw) pages will have to suffice.

For (relatively) quick download, the thumbnails are about 25k (320x240). A click on a thumbnail pulls in the real MacCoy at about 240k (1280x960). Updated camera now puts this at 36k and 500--800k (1600x1200), using not the highest resolution of the new Canon Powershot S1 IS.

As this album is Password Protected, I would appreciate the usual Password diligence, don't spread it around, and don't spread the pics around. Madam is concerned about Perv's and other lower life-forms, so please respect that. Naturally, all accesses are logged. Password may change from time-to-time, email me for renewed access. Purpose of album is to give overseas family and friends easy access, without the Great Unwashed.

Annual Christmas ``Newsletters''

These give an insight to what it is that we are (and aren't) doing :-) (pdf format, if you can't read them, your system is really quite broken!!! Please visit Adobe and collect a free reader for your operating system.

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