29 April--2 May 2005---Meiringskloof

29 April--2 May 2005---Meiringskloof

Meiringskloof is just outside Fouriesburg in the central Free State. Went with the Home Group for a long weekend away. Absolutely marvellous. Being a Kloof, the sun goes ``down'' at 15h00 :-) So the Kloof itself is a tad chilly.
29 April 2005 (east side of kloof)
West side, view from Cross
Mark and Daniel go abseiling :-) First the little trial, then the big baby, SLOWLY, by the third time, they were Pro's, and I couldn't capture them in time! (10x zoom, taken from the opposite side of the Kloof.

Fully zoomed out. Shows the 10x!
1 May 2005

On Top! After ``Jacob's Ladder''

Madam goes for an outride

Jeremy after madam persuades him and Gillo to ride the same outride. Note the mud :-)

Note the lack of traning wheels!

Like I said :-)
2 May 2005

Robert finally plucked up the courage

Yep, we had a bit o'bedding!!

Came back on the N3, forgot it was a long weekend! The queue's were amazing!

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